Welcome to the world of Able Living Group (formerly Able Medical Hire & Sales). At Able Living we focus our products and services on the needs of people of all ages who are suffering from temporary or long term loss of physical capability.

For 30 years, Able has been working closely with hospitals, rehabilitation centres and their physio and occupational therapy staff to deliver home health and mobility appliances to homes and hospitals on request and without delay.

We appreciate that the requirement for many of our products is frequently sudden and immediate and our team responds promptly to meet these urgent needs.

The team at Able is well trained in the function and benefits of the range in our online store and our customer support staff are ready and willing to provide practical telephone assistance.

At Able Living Group, we pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and independence which frees us to offer best value products and on our flexibility which enables the regular introduction of new lines to our range.

Able also offers a delivery service and a repair service at reasonable rates.

We are a small team, centrally located in Mont Albert and Heidelberg West and we enjoy a reputation for common sense, good value and reliability.