Service and repairs

Able Living is able to service or repair mobility aids and scooters.  This work is performed at our Heidelberg repair centre but items can be dropped off and collected from any Able Living store.

Able Living will perform up to $50 of repairs without a quote.  A quote will be provided for any repairs in excess of $50.  Able Living will require approval from the customer before proceeding with the repair.  In some cases, Able will suggest purchasing a replacement item rather than repairing it.

Larger items, like scooters and recliners, can be repaired onsite sometimes.  We can arrange a convenient time for one of our technicians to visit you.  If the item cannot be repaired by our technician then it will be returned to our repair centre for further work.

Scooters need to be serviced every six to twelve months to ensure optimum performance.  Able Living can service your scooter, either onsite or at our repair centre.

Need to replace the stoppers on a walking frame or the handgrips on a pair of crutches?  We have spare parts for most needs and if we don't have it, we can usually order it in for you.